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If you tried to sell your Lapeer County Lake house last year with no success, AND you were a fairly high priced listing, do not despair. It was not your house- it was the market.

In 2014 there were only 4 lakefront sales over $600,000 and all 4 were on acreage. 2 of those were on major acreage with private lakes- 40 acre and 90 acre parcels. And by private lake I mean their own private lake. The other 2 were a house and 9 acres on Lake Metamora and a house on 5 acres on Lake Lapeer.

Only 2 houses sold in the $400,000’s- both on Lake Lapeer.

This is better than 2013 when the price of lake houses in Lapeer County topped out at $477,500.

So far in 2015 there has been 1 sold on Lake Lapeer for just under $400,000 and 2 pending at just under $400,000 and in the mid $500,000’s.

The rise in prices is due to an improving economy, low interest rates and the lack of distressed properties (foreclosures and short sales). The distressed sales dropped to 11% of the total lake sales in 2014 from 19% in 2013. In 2010 distressed sales made up 49% of total lakefront sales in Lapeer County.

For more detailed information about specific lakes, please go to www.Lapeer-Homes-For-Sale.com and click on the appropriate link. Or LapeerLakes.MiRelocation.com – no w’s.

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Lake Oakland Lakefront Home Sales- Great News If You’re Selling! Buyers- Play Games And You May Lose Out!

Good news for current homeowners on Lake Oakland in Clarkston and Waterford MI. Prices are up and homes are selling quickly. If you want to live or own a cottage on Lake Oakland, you may need to wait for the right house to come up, but when it does, don’t hesitate or play games with the offer price or you may never get that house. Or worse you may end up in a Lake Oakland home in a year when prices are higher and interest rates will probably be higher, too!

The average sales price in 2011 was up 13% from 2010. Most houses sold within a few per cent of asking price if they didn’t sell for full price or more. Of the 12 sales on Lake Oakland in 2011 5 homes sold for full price or more. One house even sold for 34 1/2% over the list price. The longest time on the market was 34 days and many sold within the first week.

There are currently 4 pending sales on Lake Oakland– 3 normal sales and 1 bank owned home- ranging in list price from $209,900-$400,000. The sad news is if you are buying there are only 4 active listings– all non distressed sales- ranging in price from $189,900-$715,000.

2010: 14 units sold 2011: 12 units sold

2010 average sales price: $194,677 2011 average sales price: $223,320

2010: 6 bank owned sales and 3 short sales 2011: 5 bank owned sales and 1 short sale

2010: sale prices ranged from $95,000-$300,000 2011: sale prices ranged from $98,700-$560,000

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for additional information about homes for sale on Lake Oakland. With prices still low it is a good time to buy a cottage or second home or to upgrade to that lake house. Interest rates are still great and FHA will mortgage up to just under $300,000 so you don’t need a lot of cash (liquid) in order to buy right now. FHA 203 loans will allow you to mortgage the money needed to fix up a house that has been neglected or even beat up as many of the bank owned homes are.

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up north cottage in lapeer or tuscola countyLooking For That Up North Cottage Without Going Too Far North? You don’t need to go any farther north than Lapeer County or Tuscola Countyin the Thumb area of Michigan to find that perfect get away or second home. Or possibly that retirement home.

You can get a little 700 sq. ft. cottage on 2 ½ acres on the Cass River for as low as $74,400.

There are a handful of houses on 200+ acre all sports Murphy Lake which boasts state land on about 40% of its shoreline.

There are a few lake houses on acreage in the $150,000.

And if your pockets are deeper and can spend somewhere between a million two and two and a half million you can get a waterfront home on 50-160 acres. Call Jackie for a list of homes for sale in Lapeer County (248)736-6407

Lapeer County Lakefront Homes

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If you would like a more custom search or information about buying real estate in this buyer’s market please call:

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Lotus and Maceday Lakes Lakefront Real Estate Sales

Maceday and Lotus are both all sports lakes and are connected for a total acreage of 419 acres. Maceday Lake is located in Waterford, Michigan. The majority of Lotus Lake is located in Waterford Township, but the northern tip falls into Independence Township (more commonly known as Clarkston). There is a public access site at Williams Lake Rd just east of Maceday Lake Rd.

Maceday and Lotus Lakes are all sports lakes- great for the water skier or jet skier in the summer and snowmobiler in the winter.

For the fisherman, Maceday Lake is a designated trout lakeand was stocked last fall with 1,000 lake trout with some of the fish being up to 18 inches long and ranging in age from 2-4 years. Maceday Lake was also stocked with 12,000 rainbow trout in 2010 and another 12,760 rainbow trout in April, 2010. It was stocked with 15,000 splake (brook trout/lake trout cross) in March of 2009 and 13,300 in April of 2010.

In 2005 sale prices on Maceday and Lotus lakes ranged from $245,000 – $1,150,000.

In 2009 sale prices ranged from $76,000 – $590,000. 9 of the 12 sales in 2009 were under $200K and one of those sold for under $100K. Of the 12 sales in 2009 3 were bank owned, 3 were short sales, and there were 3 sold listings where the listing agent didn’t bother filling in the lake name field of the MLS. That is 25% of the sold listings that would not have come up in a search looking specifically looking for Lotus or Maceday Lake.

There were 13 sales reported in 2010 ranging in price from $100,000-$475,000. There was only 1 bank owned sale, but over half the total sales were short sales (7 short sales). In general prices in 2010 were higher than in 2009- see charts below.

So far this year (July 21, 2011) there have been 9 closed sales on Maceday and Lotus Lakes ranging in sale price from $57,000-$650,000- 1 bank owned and 7 regular (non distressed) sales. There are currently 8 active listings ranging in asking price from $190,000-$3,800,000. Only 2 of the 8 active listings are distressed sales- both short sales.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are considering buying or selling a home on all sports Maceday Lake or Lotus Lake.

cell: (248)736-6407


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Long Lake, Lake Orion Michigan Lakefront Real Estate Sales

long lake lake orion miLong Lake is a 94 acre all sports lake in Lake Orion MI. The lake itself pretty much looks like its name- it’s long and kind of skinny with the “long” direction running pretty much east to west. The east third or so of the lake lies in the Bunny Run sub area. Bunny Run is a mix of older and newer homes and if you live in Bunny Run you have privileges on Long Lake. Bunny Run Country Club has a club house on the east end of the lake and a large beach that is private to subdivision residents.

On the west end of the lake is a new subdivision called the Shores of Long Lake. Since this is a much newer subdivision there are building restrictions making the lakefront homes much larger in general. The off the lake homes in the Shores of Long Lake and the Village by the Shores have privileges on Long Lake within their own sub.

No matter which part of Long Lake you live on or have access to, you will be conveniently located near BaldLong Lake Lake Orion MI Mountain state land area, expressways, shopping, and downtown Lake Orion.

In 2010 there were 8 lakefront sales on all sports Long Lake- 3 short sales and 5 regular sales with prices ranging from $132,500-$432,000. The 5 highest priced sales were all in the Shores of Long Lake with lakefront prices within that sub ranging from $375,000-$432,000. In 2009 there were only 3 lakefront sales on Long Lake- all in the Shores of Long Lake with prices ranging from $347,000-$400,000 and one of those sales was a bank owned home.

The depressing news is that many of the newer homes had previously sold for $500,000 and $600,000 price ranges. The good news is there were more sales in 2010 than in 2009 and there were only 3 short sales and 1 foreclosure in that 2 year period. The great news is if you compare the newer homes between the 2 years is the bottom end started higher in 2010 and the top ended higher.

As of July 21, 2011 there were 2 sales pending – a bank owned home on Franklin Lake Blvd that has an asking price of $309,000 and  bank owned home on N Long Lake asking $66,000. There are currently 2 homes for sale on Long Lake asking $149,900 and $449,900.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for additional information about homes for sale on Long Lake. With prices so low, now is a good time to buy a cottage or upgrade to that lake house. Interest rates are still great. FHA will mortgage up to just under $300,000 and FHA 203K loan will allow for you t borrow for repairs at the same time.

Thinking of Selling Your Long Lake Home? Commonly Asked Questions

What Happens if the Appraisal is Low?

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Want to Buy a Lake House? Question Your Agent About His/Her Search Habits BEFORE Hiring

In an ideal world I would receive a phone call or email from a lakefront buyer prospect and after some discussion I would have enough information to do a basic MLS search. A search that includes geographic area, home size, bedrooms, basement, bathrooms… and sometimes a specific lake. I am finding that desiring a specific lake (or excluding a specific lake) is not uncommon. I have had buyers recently who will only look at homes on Woodhull Lake or Deer Lake. A couple who weren’t demanding Lake Oakland, but Lake Oakland was their first choice.

And back in the lala land of my ideal world I would search for homes and use the search field “water name” to include or exclude specific lakes. The problem is many home listings in my market area- North Oakland, Lapeer and Genesee Counties– is that many of the listings don’t have the “water name” search field filled in.

One of the Lake Oakland buyers stole the house he bought. I have saved searches that I check daily and one of those searches is for Clarkston and Waterford lakefront active listings. His home came up in one of these more generic searches and we looked at it immediately. We got our offer in quickly and didn’t have to deal with a multiple offer situation. The listing didn’t specify which lake it was on.

I have the same search set up for Lake Orion, Oxford, Addison, Lapeer, Metamora, White Lake areas among others. When I get in front of the computer in the morning I check my email then go to the MLS and check for any listing updates in a dozen or so saved searches. It takes about a half hour and I consider it part of my job to know the inventory.

I just listed a home on Clear Lake in Oxford MI and while looking at the sold comparables I chose 9 that sold over the past year and a half. Since it is a lakefront, and prices in Oxford have pretty much stabilized, I like to include summer sales. Of the 9 homes 5 left the “water name” search field blank and 2 didn’t bother to utilize the “all sports lake” search field. Would those homes have sold for more if the listings were complete?

Most lakefront homes are selling within 2 months when priced properly- so within 60 days of listing or within 60 days from their last price reduction. Often times they are selling within the first week. When a great listing hits the market you need to react quickly and if your agent isn’t on top of their market you could lose out. I will go so far to say you will probably lose out on just about every “great deal” because you are only being exposed to the completely filled out listings or half of an already low inventory. And from the example above it looks like about half the listings in the MLS are incomplete.

Please don’t hesitate to call me if you are considering buying a lakefront home in North Oakland, Lapeer or Genesee Counties.

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Lake Oakland and Woodhull Lake

Maceday Lake and Lotus Lake

Lake Orion

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