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Lake Oakland Lakefront Real Estate Sales

Lake Oakland Clarkston Michigan Lakefront real estate Waterford MichiganLake Oakland is a 235 acre all sports lake in Waterford and Independence Townships in North Oakland County Michigan. The lake is located north of Walton Blvd and between Sashabaw and Clintonville Roads. Lake Oakland is about 65 feet at its deepest and is connected via canal to Woodhull Lake. There is a public access at the end of Dill Rd. 

Lake Oakland,has always been a desirable lake to live on. In 2004 the lowestLake Oakland Clarkston Michigan Lakefront real estate Waterford Michigan price house sold through the MLS was $282,150. In 2005 prices ranged from $250,000 – $1,275,000. In 2009 prices ranged from $50,000 – $655,000.

There were 14 sales in 2010- 6 bank owned, 3 short sales and 5 regular sales. 2 of the 5 regular sales were houses that had sold earlier in the year as foreclosure listings then fixed up and re-sold. Sale prices ranged from $95,000-$300,000 with the high per cent of distressed sales accounting for the low prices (or great deals if you are on the buyer side of the transaction).

There are currently (7/21/2011) 5 homes for sale- all “regular sales” with asking prices ranging from $199,900-$790,000.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for additional information about homes for sale on Lake Oakland. With prices so low, now is a good time to buy a cottage or upgrade to that lake house. Interest rates are still great. FHA will mortgage up to just under $300,000 and FHA 203K loan will allow for you t borrow for repairs at the same time.

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Jackie Hawley
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Want to Buy a Lake House? Question Your Agent About His/Her Search Habits BEFORE Hiring

In an ideal world I would receive a phone call or email from a lakefront buyer prospect and after some discussion I would have enough information to do a basic MLS search. A search that includes geographic area, home size, bedrooms, basement, bathrooms… and sometimes a specific lake. I am finding that desiring a specific lake (or excluding a specific lake) is not uncommon. I have had buyers recently who will only look at homes on Woodhull Lake or Deer Lake. A couple who weren’t demanding Lake Oakland, but Lake Oakland was their first choice.

And back in the lala land of my ideal world I would search for homes and use the search field “water name” to include or exclude specific lakes. The problem is many home listings in my market area- North Oakland, Lapeer and Genesee Counties– is that many of the listings don’t have the “water name” search field filled in.

One of the Lake Oakland buyers stole the house he bought. I have saved searches that I check daily and one of those searches is for Clarkston and Waterford lakefront active listings. His home came up in one of these more generic searches and we looked at it immediately. We got our offer in quickly and didn’t have to deal with a multiple offer situation. The listing didn’t specify which lake it was on.

I have the same search set up for Lake Orion, Oxford, Addison, Lapeer, Metamora, White Lake areas among others. When I get in front of the computer in the morning I check my email then go to the MLS and check for any listing updates in a dozen or so saved searches. It takes about a half hour and I consider it part of my job to know the inventory.

I just listed a home on Clear Lake in Oxford MI and while looking at the sold comparables I chose 9 that sold over the past year and a half. Since it is a lakefront, and prices in Oxford have pretty much stabilized, I like to include summer sales. Of the 9 homes 5 left the “water name” search field blank and 2 didn’t bother to utilize the “all sports lake” search field. Would those homes have sold for more if the listings were complete?

Most lakefront homes are selling within 2 months when priced properly- so within 60 days of listing or within 60 days from their last price reduction. Often times they are selling within the first week. When a great listing hits the market you need to react quickly and if your agent isn’t on top of their market you could lose out. I will go so far to say you will probably lose out on just about every “great deal” because you are only being exposed to the completely filled out listings or half of an already low inventory. And from the example above it looks like about half the listings in the MLS are incomplete.

Please don’t hesitate to call me if you are considering buying a lakefront home in North Oakland, Lapeer or Genesee Counties.

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Jackie Hawley
Keller Williams Realty, Clarkston
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Lake Oakland and Woodhull Lake

Maceday Lake and Lotus Lake

Lake Orion

Long Lake (Orion Twp)

Silver Lake

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Woodhull Lake Lakefront Real Estate Sales

all sports woodhull lake waterford mi homes for sale clarkston mi homesWoodhull Lake is a 135 acre all sports lake located in Waterford, MI with a little bit of the northern end spilling a bit into Independence Twp. Woodhull Lake connects to both Lake Oakland (an additional 235 acres) and Eagle Lake. In 2010 there were 5 sold lakefront homes on Woodhull Lake (reported through Realcomp II MLS) ranging in price from $174,900-$365,000– 4 regular sales and 1 bank owned home. And of course the bank owned home was the lowest sale price AND the listing agent didn’t bother to fill in the lake name search field. Which  means if someone was searching for Woodhull Lake specifically, that listing would not have shown up. Makes you wonder if that could have something to do with the low price?

There is currently 1 sale pending on Woodhull Lake– a bank owned home asking $281,900. And surprise- the lake name field was left blank! There are 4 active listings on Woodhull Lake ranging in price from $114,900-$374,900; 2 regular listings, 1 bank owned and 1 short sale listing.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for additional information about homes for sale on Woodhull Lake. With prices so low, now is a good time to buy a cottage or upgrade to that lake house. Interest rates are still great. FHA will mortgage up to just under $300,000 and FHA 203K loan will allow for you to borrow for repairs at the same time.

jet ski photo from flickr courtesy of Jaqian

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