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Clarkston MI boasts an excellent location with I-75 intersecting the township twice – M-15 and again at Sashabaw. It is the fourth largest township in Oakland County with a population of approximately 32,000 residents. Independence Township can be characterized as a growing residential community. Shopping centers and professional services have sprung up along the main thoroughfares to provide all local conveniences. Listed in the Michigan National Features Inventory are the extant buildings of the old Henry Ford farm used for testing tractors. Independence Oaks County Park, DTE outdoor music theatre, the Pine Knob ski area and an extensive public recreation program provide recreational opportunities.

Clarkston has a downtown business district which has been designated a national Historical Site. The charm of the downtown conveys a nostalgia and picturesque setting that everyone enjoys. With numerous homes on the historical register, the City of the Village of Clarkston is a lively small town surrounded by a rapidly growing area.

In the 1990’s and early 2000’s the Clarkston area (Clarkston, Independence Township and Springfield Township) was just booming. New construction was going in, lake cottages were re-built into large year ’round homes. Prices soared. Then the economy tanked and like every place else, Clarkston was hit. We have had and still have our share of foreclosure and short sales. Prices tumbled.

The good newsPrices are on the rise as the amount of distressed sales have been declining.


More good news– All those beautiful subdivisions that were created during the good times are still there and between the low prices and the even lower interest rates, homes in those neighborhoods have become more affordable. Area amenities that always come with growth are still there. And the physical location is still great as far as access to expressways to go to Detroit, Flint, Auburn Hills, Troy, etc. The proximity to state and county land. City and township parks. Lakes for both fishing and playing with public access for both beach and boats. Shopping, eating, just about anything one can ask for in a home town.

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Clarkston MI Real Estate– Clarkston Home Sales Are Up

Clarkston MI home sales are up 21%. Themedian Clarkston home sales price is also up 5%. There has been $16,259,850 more in residential real estate sales so far in 2012 versus the same time frame in 2011 (the first 3 quarters). Listing inventory (Clarkston homes for sale) is very low.

On Oct. 24, 2012 there were only 133 homes for sale in Clarkston MI. With an average of 44 sales per month that is about a 3 month supply of active listings.

Distressed home sales (short sales and foreclosures) are down in Clarkston with distressed sales making up 38% of the total sales. In 2011 distressed sales made up 50% of the total home sales in Clarkston, MI.

Total Sales Clarkston MI (units):

2012: 398
2011: 316

Distressed Sales (units) Clarkston MI:

2012: 150
2011: 158

Average Sales Price Clarkston MI:

2012: $197,215
2011: $196,936

Median Sales Price Clarkston MI:

2012: $167,500
2011: $158,500

Sales Volume Clarkston MI Home Sales:

2012: $78,491,560
2011: $62,231,710

The decline in distressed home sales contributes to the increase in overall home prices. And this is a catch 22 in a good way- the more Clarkston home prices go up, the less under water houses there are, so less distressed home sales. As Martha Stewart would say: This is a good thing for the Clarkston MI home owner. Or potential Clarkston MI home buyer.

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What Does BATVI Mean? Clarkston MI Real Estate

Simply- Buyer Agent To Verify Information.

This is also known as an ass covering, or in my opinion, a waste of precious space in the limited space allotted in the MLS.

If you are buying a Clarkston MI short sale listing, beware of listings where the listing agent fills out the listing in a shoddy manner, such as wasting space in the comments, not filling out the remarks section at all, inaccurate listing information, etc. Remember, the listing agent is the person we are relying on to complete the short sale to the banks’ and seller’s approval. If he can’t fill out the listing, how successful will his short sale negotiations be?

If you are selling a Clarkston MI home, check your MLS sheet to make sure it is complete and accurate and all 25 photos included. The MLS is in place to sell your listing to the buyers’ agents. If I am going to show 5 houses to someone and 10 show up in the MLS search, I will not show the listings that are incomplete or indicate laziness on the part of the listing agent.

Often times BATVI gets replaced by CHP or EXP (price change or expired listing).

Jackie Hawley, Realtor
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Independence Oaks County Park Clarkston MIIndependence Oaks County Park, Clarkston MIOffers Something for Everybody Year ‘Round

The last couple summers I took my continuing education (6 hours/year for license renewal) at Independence Oaks County Park with another real estate office. There is no better way to learn dry legal updates than in the middle of 1100 acres overlooking a lake.

Independence Oaks County Park is located at 9501 Sashabaw Rd, Clarkston MI about 2 /12 miles north of I-75 exit 89.

Independence Oaks consists of 1088 acres with 68 acre Crooked Lake, about 10 miles of marked natureindependence oaks county park clarkston mi and ski trails, overnight camping area, boat launch (non motorized boats) and boat rental. Picnic areas, ball field, sand volleyball courts, playground. horseshoe pits…

For the bird lover Independence Oaks boasts an extensive bluebird trail and from March through August you have a good chance of seeing both bluebirds and tree swallows. More than 150 species of birds have been sighted here.

Independence Oaks also offers restrooms with flush toilets as well as port-a-johns.

independence oaks county park clarkston miThe Lewis E. Wint Nature Center offers exhibits and year-round educational programs conducted by park naturalists. The Cohn Amphitheater accommodates 150-200 guests, and the Rubach Sensory Garden boasts a gazebo and water garden.

Independence Oaks County Park is just one of the many attractions that makes living in Clarkston MI and the surrounding areas a desirable proposition. You can “vacation” after work or on the weekends and never really leave home.

Independence Oaks State Site

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Most of my posts about Clarkston MI have been about the Village of Clarkston and Independence Township. To get the stats for this post I used Clarkston school district for my search criteria to not only include the Village of Clarkston and most of Independence Township, but also parts of Springfield Township, Orion Township, White Lake Township and Waterford Township. Springfield Township specifically is too small to compare sales data; there just simply isn’t enough population to generate a sales volume worth examining by itself.

As you will see from the various charts below, prices in the Clarkston school district have been trending upward for well over a year

As you can see from the chart immediately below, except for a weak Jan this year, the 2011 brown line is above both the 2010 yellow line and the blue 2009 line. For the most part the yellow 2010 line is above the blue 2009 line with only three dips below the 2009 line.

clarkston mi home sales data 

Sales prices in 2010 were up from 2009 with a year end average price up 6.8%. Only 3 months during 2010 did the average price drop below the average sale price for the same month in 2009- March, July and December.  And as you will see a couple graphs down, that trend of rising prices is continuing into 2011.

 clarkston mi home sales

Year to date sales are continuing the above trend.  As you can see below prices in 2009 dropped drastically from 2008 and then gradual increases in 2010 and 2011.

clarkston mi home sales 

As well as quarterly sales displayed below in 2 manners. First you can see that 2010 sales were higher each quarter than the same quarter in 2009, and that the first quarter in 2011 saw a higher average sale price than the first quarter of 2010.

 clarkston mi home sales

Then again below when I started with the first quarter in 2008 through the first quarter in 2011. You can see we are nowhere near the prices at the beginning of 2008, but  you can see we bottomed out in quarter 6 (the second quarter in 2009) and the average sale price for the first quarter of 2011 (quarter 13) is higher than every quarter since the 3rdquarter of 2008. Even though the line zig zags it is consistantly rising- the zigs are going higher and the zags aren’t as low.

 clarkston mi home sales

Sale prices in the Clarkston school district are showing a strong (and long) trend of inclining prices. Closing in on a year and a half of increasing prices I think it’s safe to say that we are no longer a declining market and are at minimum a stable market and at best prices are on a slight/healthy increasing pace.

Jackie Hawley
Keller Williams Realty
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How Not to Buy a House

buying your dream homeIf you read my blog on even a semi regular basis, you know there is a major lack of housing inventory in North Oakland County and Lapeer County Michigan– specifically, Lake Orion, Oxford, Clarkston, Brandon/Ortonville, Lapeer, Metamora and Hadley areas. Prices were up last year but so were unit sales and with inventory as low as it is right now (about a 3-5 month supply depending on the specific area) it is not unusual to make an offer on a house and be in a multiple offer situation. In fact, if a home is properly priced, there is an excellent chance there will be multiple offers on it immediately. Especially if that properly priced home has the added attraction of being a normal (non distressed) sale. A listing that doesn’t come with all the headaches that can come with a bank owned or short sale.

Case in point:

Last Friday I listed a sweet 4 bedroom home in Clarkston, MI and carefully priced it so it would be attractive to buyers and still be able to appraise for the buyer’s mortgage. The listing hit the MLS with all 25 photos allowed about 10 pm Friday night. Saturday we had 3 showings. Sunday we had 12 more showings and 2 more scheduled for Monday. By Sunday afternoon we had 4 offers. All 4 buyer’s agents were informed that they would be in a multiple offer situation.

So wouldn’t you think all 4 buyers would put their best offer out there? I don’t know if there were 3 weak agents or 3 hard headed buyers who wouldn’t listen to their agents, or a combination of the two.

Let me backtrack for a minute. We have had major appraisal problems in Clarkston MI for quite a while now. And when a buyer is asking for closing costs, they are basically inflating the purchase price in order to finance a portion of their closing costs. Secondly, the sellers were asking for 45 days post closing possession because the house they are buying needs 30 days possession. Thirdly, the house is in a site condo community which means there are by laws that the buyer needs to approve.

The offer the sellers accepted was over asking price, gave the 45 days possession the sellers asked for, didn’t ask for anything the sellers weren’t offering (appliances, pool table, etc), didn’t ask for help with their financing (seller concessions),and had read and approved the by laws prior to writing their offer. It also helped that they were 20% down, conventional buyers who were pre-approved for a much higher priced home.

The offers the sellers didn’t even consider ALL asked for seller concessions– 2 of the agents told mebeat out the competition they weren’t neededbut the buyers wanted them. Hmmm- and if the appraisal came in at the net amount was the buyer going to want to re-negotiate the price?

NONE of the 3 rejected offers met our request for 45 days possession. 2 asked for immediate possession and 1 offered 26 days possession. 2 of the agents told me we could work with the possession time. If they could work with the possession WHY NOT JUST PUT IT IN THE OFFER???!!!

None of the 3 agents requested the by laws in advance of writing the offer, and even though they didn’t make approval of the by laws a condition, by state law the buyer has a 9 day back out time frame after receipt of the by laws.

1 buyer asked for the pool table and foose ball table. 1 asked for the seller to pay for a home warranty. None of the 3 rejected offers were full price after subtracting the seller paid concessions.

Bottom line– Had we not received the 1 clean offer we would not have been able to accept ANY of the other 3 as written. Even if the sellers would have been happy with the prices offered, we would have had to counter things like possession, concessions or appraised value.

If you find a house you really want to buy, write as clean an offer as possible. Give the seller as much of what they’re asking for as you can, and save your negotiating for items you NEED. And if you are in a multiple offer situation, you may need to find another way to come up with those NEEDS (gift from a parent, double move to accommodate possession, etc.).

If you would like to work with a buyers agent who will not only look out for your interest but offer expert negotiating advise when you find the home you want, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Don’t be one of the 3 buyers above who will be out making an offer on their second choice.

Jackie Hawley
Keller Williams Realty
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