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There is so much more to writing an offer to purchase a home in Clarkston MI than in days of yore. At one time pretty much price ruled. Strength of buyer was important, but not as much as today. Today there are many more factors to consider in a Clarkston MI real estate transaction– is it a short sale, bank owned or good old fashioned non-distressed homeowner/seller?

You see more Clarkston houses go pending then back on the market (sometimes this will happen multiple times with one house) than I ever remember seeing. Appraisals are coming in low causing the financing to fall apart. Short sales get denied. The list of reasons for dying sales can go on and on.

The more contingencies an offer has, the more chances the sale has to die. Low appraisals is probably one of the biggest reasons sales don’t close. No matter if buyer, seller and all agents involved know the house is worth every dime the buyer is paying and may even be a bit under priced, there is never a guarantee the house will appraise.

Where as one time the prime motivator was price, now removal of obstacles to closing have also become prime motivators. And the appraisal contingency is probably the biggest obstacle that can be removed.

I have used it to negotiate for the buyer in multiple offer situations. I have used it on the seller side to improve our chances to close. Often times a seller will take a slightly lower offer if the odds of closing are greatly increased. Of course cash negates the need for an appraisal. When a mortgage is involved, an appraisal is probably necessary. But if the buyer has the cash to pay the difference between the sale price and the appraised price, he can remove the appraisal contingency to make his offer stronger. Or remove it with limitations. Recently one of my buyers beat out another offer by agreeing to pay up to $10K difference on a low appraisal. So if the seller takes our $140K offer we would agree to close even if the house appraised at $130K.

With a lack of inventory, when you find the house you want, the goal is more to win and obtain that house as your new home. Until the inventory at least triples, getting the seller to come down on price will be a distant second to winning and getting the house you want.

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