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Lake Oakland Lakefront Home Sales Real Estate Sales Clarkston and Waterford Michigan

Home prices on all sports Lake Oakland are up from last year- both median and average sales prices. More houses have sold in 2012 than in 2011 and a smaller percentage of those homes are short sales and foreclosures. There are currently 6 homes for sale on Lake Oakland and none of those are distressed listings.

Unit Sales:

2011- 12
2012- 17

Average Sale Price:

2011- $223,320
2012- $313,341

Median Sale Price:

2011- $181,000
2012- $245,000

Foreclosures (units):

2011- 4
2012- 5

Short Sales (units):

2011- 1
2012- 1

There are currently 6 active listings on Lake Oakland– ranging in asking price from $260,000-$1,599,000- all are normal listings (not foreclosures or short sales).

Lake Oakland is a 235 acre all sports lake located in Waterford and Clarkston, MI.

Compliments of Jackie Hawley of the JHawley and Associates Real Estate Team at ReMax Encore in Clarkston MI.

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Clarkston MI Real Estate– Clarkston Home Sales Are Up

Clarkston MI home sales are up 21%. Themedian Clarkston home sales price is also up 5%. There has been $16,259,850 more in residential real estate sales so far in 2012 versus the same time frame in 2011 (the first 3 quarters). Listing inventory (Clarkston homes for sale) is very low.

On Oct. 24, 2012 there were only 133 homes for sale in Clarkston MI. With an average of 44 sales per month that is about a 3 month supply of active listings.

Distressed home sales (short sales and foreclosures) are down in Clarkston with distressed sales making up 38% of the total sales. In 2011 distressed sales made up 50% of the total home sales in Clarkston, MI.

Total Sales Clarkston MI (units):

2012: 398
2011: 316

Distressed Sales (units) Clarkston MI:

2012: 150
2011: 158

Average Sales Price Clarkston MI:

2012: $197,215
2011: $196,936

Median Sales Price Clarkston MI:

2012: $167,500
2011: $158,500

Sales Volume Clarkston MI Home Sales:

2012: $78,491,560
2011: $62,231,710

The decline in distressed home sales contributes to the increase in overall home prices. And this is a catch 22 in a good way- the more Clarkston home prices go up, the less under water houses there are, so less distressed home sales. As Martha Stewart would say: This is a good thing for the Clarkston MI home owner. Or potential Clarkston MI home buyer.

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There is so much more to writing an offer to purchase a home in Clarkston MI than in days of yore. At one time pretty much price ruled. Strength of buyer was important, but not as much as today. Today there are many more factors to consider in a Clarkston MI real estate transaction– is it a short sale, bank owned or good old fashioned non-distressed homeowner/seller?

You see more Clarkston houses go pending then back on the market (sometimes this will happen multiple times with one house) than I ever remember seeing. Appraisals are coming in low causing the financing to fall apart. Short sales get denied. The list of reasons for dying sales can go on and on.

The more contingencies an offer has, the more chances the sale has to die. Low appraisals is probably one of the biggest reasons sales don’t close. No matter if buyer, seller and all agents involved know the house is worth every dime the buyer is paying and may even be a bit under priced, there is never a guarantee the house will appraise.

Where as one time the prime motivator was price, now removal of obstacles to closing have also become prime motivators. And the appraisal contingency is probably the biggest obstacle that can be removed.

I have used it to negotiate for the buyer in multiple offer situations. I have used it on the seller side to improve our chances to close. Often times a seller will take a slightly lower offer if the odds of closing are greatly increased. Of course cash negates the need for an appraisal. When a mortgage is involved, an appraisal is probably necessary. But if the buyer has the cash to pay the difference between the sale price and the appraised price, he can remove the appraisal contingency to make his offer stronger. Or remove it with limitations. Recently one of my buyers beat out another offer by agreeing to pay up to $10K difference on a low appraisal. So if the seller takes our $140K offer we would agree to close even if the house appraised at $130K.

With a lack of inventory, when you find the house you want, the goal is more to win and obtain that house as your new home. Until the inventory at least triples, getting the seller to come down on price will be a distant second to winning and getting the house you want.

Writing the Offer

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Clarkston MI Home Sales Up- AGAIN!! Can we stop calling this a declining market?

I’ve been hearing on the news lately how foreclosure filings are up in the Detroit area. I wish the media would separate Oakland County from the Detroit area. What exactly is the “Detroit Area” anyway? When listening to the news it seems to range from anywhere in Southeast Michigan to all of Michigan. Sometimes I think they just make stuff up.

The “true” housing stats are as follows- at least for the Clarkston area.

Sales are up from last year. Sales are up from 2010 and 2009.

The first quarter sales for the “Clarkston area” which I define by searching the MLS for Clarkston schools with sales over $10,000 to weed out the lease sales are as follows:

2012: 129 units sold 2011: 101 units sold 2010: 106 units sold 2009: 65 units sold

The average sales price in 2012 was $180,975 The average sales price in 2011 was $178,612 The average sales price in 2010 was $170,918 The average sales price in 2009 was $164,820

The amount of bank owned sales and short sales were about the same each year but considering the total unit sales have been up, the per cent of distressed sales are down. The average sales price for the distressed sales are also down.

In 2012 bank owned sales made up 33% of the total sales and short sales made up 16% of the total sales. In 2011 bank owned sales made up 47% of the total sales and short sales made up 23% of the total sales.

The average sales price of the bank owned sale in 2012 was down to $97,745 opposed to $134,139 in 2011.

As of yesterday (May 1) there were only 164 active listings in the Clarkston school district. On Jan 5, 2009 there were 359 active listings in the Clarkston school district.

So basically unit sales are up 22% from last year and up 50% from 2009. The average sales price is up 1.3% from last year and up 9% from 2009. Distressed sales are down from last year and there is a huge shortage of homes for sale. Cash sales made up 23% of the total sales in the first quarter of 2012 and 9% of non-distressed sales were cash sales.

Thinking of selling? This is a great time- we have buyers and no houses to sell them. I’ve been showing a LOT of crap. Just because the inventory is low does NOT mean you can ask any price. Properly priced homes sell quickly – the trick is to price in a manner that you can get top dollar for this market and still sell quickly.

If you are thinking of buying a home in the Clarkston area, please don’t hesitate to call. If the right house isn’t for sale now you should be in a position to pounce when it does hit the market.

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Jackie Hawley
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Clarkston MI Home Sales Are Up- AGAIN!!

2011 home sales in Clarkston MI were up in units, average sales price and total dollar volume from 2010. And 2010 was better than 2009. Is this a trend? Will 2012 be a better year than 2011? If you were waiting until the market hit rock bottom to buy, you may want to consider hopping off that fence. Inventory is low and you need to be ready when “that” house hits the market. Interest rates are also low. The annual average interest rate on a 30 year fixed mortgage was 4.45% paying .7 of a point. Almost a percent and a half lower than the hey days of 2003-2004-2005.

Some interesting facts:

  • 419 closed sales in 2011
  • 416 closed sales in 2010
  • 353 closed sales in 2009

That’s 16% increase in unit sales from 2009.

Average Sales Price:

  • 2011- $193,935
  • 2010- $188,712
  • 2009- $176,611

The average sales price in 2011 was 2.7% higher than in 2010 and 8.9% from 2009.

Part of this is due to the decline in distressed sales. In 2011 foreclosure sales made up 32% of the total sales. In 2010 they made up 37% of the total sales. Short sales made up a total of 18% of the total sales in 2011 and 22% of the total sales in 2010. In short- distressed sales were just under 60% in 2010 and just under 50% in 2011.

Total Dollar Volume:

  • 2011- $81,258,650
  • 2010- $78,504,030
  • 2009- $62,343,820

That’s a 3.4% increase in total dollars from 2010 and a 23% increase from 2009.

Cash sales made up 19% of all total sales in 2011, 32% of bank owned sales, 18% of short sales, 11% of regular or non-distressed sales.

Houses in general sold within 4% of asking price on average. Bank owned homes sold within 1% of asking price and short sales sold within 3 1/2% of asking price.

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Jackie Hawley Keller Williams Realty, Clarkston MI


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Clarkston MI- 2010 Sales Were UP!! Units, Sales Price and Volume! Foreclosures Down!

Clarkston MIGreat News! Unit sales were up! Average Sales Price was up! Median Sales Price was up! Unit sales were up 15.6% in 2010 from 2009. Average sales price in 2010 was up 6.4% from 2009 and the median sales price in 2010 was up 7.4% from 2009. Total sales volume in 2010 was up over $16.5 million from 2009 and up over $5.7 million from 2008.

Bank owned sales made up 36% of the total sales in 2010; bank owned sales made up 45% of the total sales in 2009. Though foreclosure sales were down, short sales were up constituting 22.5% of the total sales in 2010 but only 14.7% of the total sales in 2009.

Inventory is down. On 3-3-2011 there were 161 active listings in Independence Township/Clarkston. On 3-4-2010 there were 196 active listings and on 3-7-2009 there were 306 active listings. Currently that’s about a 4 1/2 month inventory opposed to a 10 1/2 month inventory 2 years ago. Many of the current listings are crap- basically overpriced, because no matter how bad the condition of a house is it will sell if properly priced. I recently listed a home in Independence Township and had 4 offers within 2 days. It is not uncommon to be in a multiple offer situation and most homes are selling within 60 days after achieving their final asking price.


353 units sold
average sales price: $176,611
median sales price: $150,000
total volume: $62,343,820


418 units sold
average sales price: $188,624
median sales price: $162,000
total volume: $78,844,620

Jackie Hawley
cell: (248)736-6407
email: Jackie@JackieHawley.com

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