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The Perfect House Probably Does Not Exist

Even with the low inventory in North Oakland and Lapeer County MI, I still consider this pretty much¬† a buyer’s market. Prices have been increasing pretty rapidly, BUT are still quite low compared to peak times as are interest rates. And there are good houses out there, but if you are looking to buy the “perfect” home there’s a good chance it just doesn’t exist.

Like in any market there are nice houses in just about every price range- but nice house is a subjective term. Houses are still selling for way less than they had, or could have, at one time but most houses will NOT have everything you want. No matter what price range you are in. That is true now as it was true in 2004, as it was in 1991 when I got my license.  

So basically, when you start looking for that great new home, don’t expect perfection. No matter what price range you are in, it probably doesn’t exist. Don’t spend every penny you have to get into the house, and don’t max yourself out on what you purchase. You will probably need/want to make improvements/changes/updates to the home you buy. There ARE great deals out there- just not perfect houses.

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