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Irony- Detroit Enacting an Anti Panhandling Ordinance

I tend to listen to talk radio in the morning while driving to the office, and when I heard this morning that Detroit is making panhandling illegal I almost swerved off the road.

The same city who recently had their collective hands out to the suburbs begging for Oakland and Macomb tax money to keep the Detroit Institute of Art open and FREE. The Detroit Institute of Art is owned by the City of Detroit. Our senators like to brag on bringing home the bacon to keep Belle Isle open and FREE. This same city that seems to always have its hand out for federal and suburban dollars is now going to fine and jail citizen panhandlers.


Who is John Galt?

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Reasons Your Oakland County MI Appraisal May Come In Low

Low appraisals are probably the biggest killer of sales of non distressed homes in the North Oakland County area. There are many reasons for a low appraised value that have absolutely nothing to do with the actual value of the house being appraised. Below is a short list of reasons why a house may appraise low:

  • Lack of comparable sales
  • Out of the area appraiser
  • Bad appraiser
  • The amount of distressed sales in the area
  • Restrictions on adjustments

The problem with the list above is there isn’t much that can be done to change those scenarios.

Things to keep in mind if your appraisal comes in low:

  • The seller DOES NOT have to reduce their price to match the appraised value
  • Appraised value is just an opinion and does not necessarily reflect the true value of the house
  • The appraiser DOES NOT work for you
  • Your loan officer doesn’t really work for you. He/she has a duty to the lender/investor they sell the loan to
  • Appraised value and market value can be two totally different dollar amounts
  • Since about 20% of area sales are cash, market value will more than likely trump appraised value

Using the Appraisal Contingency as a Negotiating Tool

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If the appraisal is low the seller should come down? So if the appraisal is high the buyer should come up in price?

I recently had an appraisal come in low – way low- on a transaction where I represent the buyer. Way low translates into $74K low. The seller was asking $429,900. We negotiated a price of $404,000 and the appraisal came in at $330,000.

There are various reasons the first appraisal came in low but just trust me that the value was there and the buyers were getting a terrific deal. But the reasons for the low appraisal are not the subject of this post.

So my mom was at the bookstore during all this and was telling the lady there about the low appraisal and the book store lady immediately said “Of course the seller is coming down…”

But when someone brags that their new house appraised above the sale price nobody ever exclaims “So you increased your offer, right?”

Why is it assumed that a seller should give up thousands of dollars based on the opinion of one stranger?

What if the appraisal is low?

How the appraisal contingency can be used as a negotiating tool


How do the property taxes affect my purchasing power?

Who pays for the well and septic inspection?

Who is John Galt?

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