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The Job of a Buyer’s Agent in Southeast Michigan

Many agents seem to have the idea that the primary job of a buyer’s agent is to get the seller to come down on his asking price. The more you can get the seller down, the better you’ve done your job. NOT!!

Here in the North Oakland County and surrounding areas there is such a lack of inventory that whenflexing you (the buyer) find a house the objective at this point is to get the house. There’s a good chance you will be in a multiple offer situation. Or if you wait too long you will be in a multiple offer situation. Why would you want to settle for your second or third choice of home because you lost out on the house you really wanted- but your agent felt the need to flex and either encouraged you to write a low offer or didn’t try to talk you out of low balling?

My job as a buyer’s agent is to find you the best house for your wants and needs for a price you are comfortable with, then make sure you get the house and go through as little stress as possible. Sometimes that means paying asking price or over. A well priced home in North Oakland County– specifically the Clarkston, Lake Orion and Oxford MI areas will sell quickly and for close to asking price or over.

There are different negotiating strategies depending on the type of sale and the motivations of both the buyer and seller. For example the motivation of a short sale seller will be different than a non-distressed seller. The short sale seller may place more importance on free possession after the closing whereas a non-distressed seller may be more interested in sale price.


But the one thing all buyers and sellers have in common is getting to the closing table – not watching their agents flex and strut. It doesn’t matter how much of a peacock you agent is if you don’t get the house you want.

┬áIf you are considering purchasing a home in North Oakland County MI, Lapeer County or southern Genesee County please don’t hesitate to contact the Jackie Hawley team. We have buyer specialists who are professional and always put your interests first.

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