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Do The Windows Really Need Replacing?

I was showing an 18 year old house the other day, and the buyer mentioned it would need new windows. They looked fine and no evidence of broken seals. A home inspection should find any problems, but at this point there is no reason to think the windows have problems. So I asked why he thought he would need to replace the windows.

He said- Because they’re old. Windows are so much better now days.

I’m sure window technology has improved over the past 18 years. I guess. Maybe. But does that mean a person should go to the expense of replacing perfectly good windows in order to get the newest and best?

I suggested we get heat bills before even entertaining the cost of new windows. This is a 2700 sq. ft. house with a finished walkout. If the heat bills are average or low, then how much would you actually save by replacing the windows?

I live in a farmhouse with windows of various ages. Some are cheap vinyl windows, some are a pretty decent wood window and there’s one big picture window that looks like it’s about as original as you can get on a hundred year old house. A great big cheesy aluminum window. My house is just under 1700 sq. ft., I heat with propane, and I keep the house at 74. My annual heat bill runs about $1400. Unless I am replacing the windows for aesthetic reasons, they don’t need replacing. I don’t think I could make that heat bill much lower unless I supplement with wood. But how much could I realistically expect my heat bill to reduce? Half? $700/year still takes several years to pay for all new, top of the line, new and improved, most energy efficient windows.

And by the time I’m finished paying for them, they will be old, and there will be advanced windows I’m missing out on.


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