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Shores of Long Lake and Village by the Shores, Lake Orion Michigan Real Estate Sales

long lake lake orion michigan lakefront real estateShores of Long Lake and Village by the Shores is a newer subdivision in Lake Orion Michigan with about 133 homes- 34 of which are lakefront homes on all sports Long Lake. Both the Shores of Long Lake and the Village by the Shores are covered under one set of by laws with the Shores of Long Lake located in the Township of Orion and the Village by the Shores located in the Village of Lake Orion. When driving through the sub the feeling is also that of one neighborhood.

Homes were built between 1999 and 2002 with minimum square feet of living space allowed for on the lake houses of 2450 and for off the lake houses 1600 for ranch homes, 1800 for one and one-half story homes and 2000 sq. ft. for two story homes.

In 2005 you couldn’t touch an off the water house for less than $300,000. In 2010 off the water houses have topped out at $210K and lakefront homes have sold for between $384K and $432K- and none of those lakefront sales were bank owned.  So far there have been 11 closed sales in the Shores of Long Lake and Village by the Shores and only 2 of them were bank owned, 4 were short sales and there are currently 2 houses pending. 2 homes leased through the MLS for $1700 and $2200.

All homes have access on all sports Long Lake, a 94 acre all sports lake. The Shores of Long Lake and the Village by the Shores is also walking distance to downtown Lake Orion and a long walk or short drive to Bald Mountain Recreation Area, easy access to Orion Oaks Park along with the Bark Park and about 10 minutes from I-75.

For more information about Shores of Long Lake and Village by the Shores or for a list of homes currently for sale, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Jackie Hawley

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Silver Lake is a 101 acre all sports lake in Waterford Michigan– between Walton Blvd and Silver Lake all sports lakefront homes for sale waterford michigan lakefront real estateDixie Hwy and west of Silver Lake Rd. In the 2003-2005 peak times lakefront houses on Silver Lake typically sold in the three hundred, four hundred and five hundred thousand area with an occasional house selling in the six hundred thousand neighborhood.

Today sale prices on all sports Silver Lake are ranging from $150K range to the $450K range with a mixture of newer homes and older homes. Prices seem to be pretty much on par with last year, though still a long way from the peak times of a few years ago. Homes on Silver Lake may fall into either the Waterford school district or Pontiac school district this seems to be a rare case of school district not having an impact on price.

Go to my web site for sale charts for various years for Silver Lake lakefront homes. The charts are as complete as the data input in the MLS.

For a list of homes for sale on all sports Silver Lake please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Jackie HawleyJackie@JackieHawley.com

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North Oakland County Michigan Lakefront Homes for Sale

Oakland County Lakes

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Lake Orion Michigan Real Estate Sales- Home Prices Still Up! Inventory Down!

Despite the fact that unit sales have been down the last 4 months in a row, and that the median sale price for October was down slightly from last October (less than 1/2%) Orion sales are still up year to date.

5 of the past 6 months have shown median sale prices above the previous year and October median sale price was down only $500 from the median sale price for last October. Part of the reason for this is the decrease in foreclosure sales. Last year foreclosures made up 48% of the total sales in Lake Orion Michigan but only 38% this year.

lake orion michigan median sales prices monthly

Short sales made up 8% of total sales through October, 2009 but so far this year have made up 20% of total sales in Lake Orion, Michigan.

The amount of distressed sales is about the same this year as last year, but with the shift from foreclosure sales to short sales we are seeing a rise in prices. The median sale price so far this year for foreclosed listings has been $96,250 opposed to a median sale price of $170,000 for Lake Orion short sales.

Since all sales are used to set market value, this is a good trend for home owners- whether they’re selling or not. This might not be the greatest news for home buyers. When you consider the median sales price for Lake Orion is was down 7.7% half way through the year, it’s pretty positive news that prices are up at all only 4 months later.

Part of this is due to the decrease in foreclosures and part of this is due to the decrease in inventory. On Nov. 16, 2010 there were only 147 active listings. On Nov. 19, 2009 there were 214 active listings.

Through October:

Unit Sales 2009: 307
Unit Sales 2010: 323

Median Sales Price 2009: $149,200
Median Sales Price 2010: $150,000

Foreclosure Sales 2009: 148
Foreclosure Sales 2010: 122

Short Sales 2009: 24
Short Sales 2010: 63

Overall, prices are on the rise, inventory is down, and I have no clue about the unit sales. They started strong but have been on the decline. Half way through the year there were 217 closed sales in Lake Orion opposed to 145 through the first half of 2009. At the end of Oct. unit sales are only up by 16 units- 323 in 2010. 307 units in 2009.

lake orion michigan unit sales

Whether you’re a first time home buyer, step up buyer, looking for that lakefront cottage or investment properties, now is a great time to buy in Lake Orion Michigan. Prices are up from last year but way down from 2009 and WAY down from our peak in 2005. Interest rates are extremely low and property taxes have been dropping. Many neighborhoods are selling for mid to late 90’s prices. Below are links to detailed sales data for various neighborhoods as well as detailed sales data for lakefront properties for various lakes in Lake Orion and surrounding areas.

Specific Neighborhood Sales Data

Oakland County Michigan Lakefront Sales Data

Oakland County Michigan Lakefront Homes for Sale

Lake Orion Michigan Homes for Sale

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Lotus and Maceday Lakes Lakefront Real Estate Sales

Madeday Lake Waterford Michigan Lakefront Homes for Sale


Maceday and Lotus are both all sports lakes and are connected for a total acreage of 419 acres. Maceday Lake is located in Waterford, Michigan. The majority of Lotus Lake is located in Waterford Township, but the northern tip falls into Independence Township (more commonly known as Clarkston). There is a public access site at Williams Lake Rd just east of Maceday Lake Rd.

Maceday and Lotus Lakes are all sports lakes– great for the water skier or jet skier in the summer and snowmobiler in the winter.

For the fisherman, Maceday Lake is a designated trout lakeand was stocked last fall with 1,000 lake trout with some of the Madeday Lake Waterford Michigan Lakefront Homes for Salefish being up to 18 inches long and ranging in age from 2-4 years. Maceday Lake was also stocked with 12,000 rainbow trout last year and another 12,760 rainbow trout earlier this year(April, 2010). It was stocked with 15,000 splake (brook trout/lake trout cross) in March of 2009 and 13,300 in April of this year.

In 2005 sale prices on Maceday and Lotus lakes ranged from $245,000 – $1,150,000.

In 2009 sale prices ranged from $76,000 – $590,000. 9 of the 12 sales in 2009 were under $200K and one of those sold for under $100K. Of the 12 sales in 2009 3 were bank owned, 3 were short sales, and there were 3 sold listings where the listing agent didn’t bother filling in the lake name field of the MLS. That is 25% of the sold listings that would not have come up in a search looking specifically looking for Lotus or Maceday Lake.

Madeday Lake Waterford Michigan Lakefront Homes for SaleSo far this year sale prices have ranged from $100,000 – $475,000. Of the 10 sales reported through the MLS only 3 sold for under $200,000 and none of those sold for under $100,000. Only 1 sale was bank owned; 6 were short sales.

If you are thinking of buying that lakefront home you might not have been able to afford a few years ago (prices are down significantly from just a few years ago) now is a good time to start looking. Most of the sales this year on Maceday and Lotus Lakes have been short sales and usually take about 6 months to close. Buying a lakefront short sale now should get you in in time to enjoy your summer on the water.

Oakland County Michigan Lakefront Homes for Sale

Oakland County Michigan Lake Information

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Lake Orion Michigan Lakefront Real Estate Sales

lake orionLake Orion is a 470 acre all sports lake that is in both the Village of Lake Orion and the Township of Orion Michigan. Lake Orion is a public lake with a public access off Indianwood Rd, just west of M-24.

The housing on Lake Orion is a mixture of cottages, cottages that have been re-built into larger, year ’round houses, and newer homes. Like the rest of Lake Orion, the housing market on Lake Orion has been hit with its share of foreclosures and short sales and a general drop in housing prices overall.

In 2003 the lowest priced sale on Lake Orion was $225,000 (per the MLS). In 2009 prices ranged from $80,000 – $848,318. And so far in 2010 sale prices have ranged from $100,000 – $370,000.

In 2009 there were 18 lakefronts sold on Lake Orion- 8 bank owned. So far in 2010 there have been 18 lake orion amusement park early 20th centurylakefronts sold (and closed per Realcomp II MLS) and 8 were bank owned. No short sale closings were reported for either year.

So far this year there have been no sales under $100,000; in 2009 there were 3 sales under $100,000.

On Nov. 2, 2010 there were 13 sales pending on Lake Orion with asking prices ranging from $71,900 – $499,000- 8 of them short sale listings and 3 bank owned listings.

1912 belleview hotel on lake orionThere were also 19 active listings with asking prices ranging from $127,900 – $598,000- no bank owned listings and only 2 short sale listings.

Lake Orion has a pretty interesting history with its start beginning in 1829, when a sawmill was built across the beginning of Paint Creek, which eventually transformed six small lakes into what we know today as Lake Orion.

In 1872 the railroad came to Lake Orion, making it easier for people to enjoy the beauty of Lake Orion. In 1874 a group of investors purchased what is now present day Park Island, and during the 1870’s a dance hall was constructed on Park Island as well as a 100 foot long reception hall that was topped with an eighty foot high observation tower. At that time there were 4 daily train trips through Lake Orion bringing thousands of people.

The 1880’s saw a second rail system moving north from Pontiac to Port Austin through Lake Orion.

The 1890’s saw the purchase of Spencer’s Island (present day Bellevue Island), the construction of the summer house on lake orion pre 1913Bellevue Hotel, and an auditorium that seated 2250 people.

The first Marine Postal Center was established in 1905, delivering mail to over three hundred cottages on the lake and islands. In 1911 Park Island changed ownership and was revamped as a light amusement center with a dance hall and some rides including a roller coaster.

Lake Orion’s days as a resort town came to an end with the onset of the Great Depression. The automobile allowed people to travel further north and Lake Orion’s summer population dropped steadily.

The 40’s saw the real beginning of the area building more permanent residences. When the U.S. entered World War II many factories in Pontiac became munitions plant employing many Orion residents. St. Joseph Catholic Church was completed in 1940. Bald Mountain State Recreation Area began operation in 1947. Anderson Chevrolet-Buick-Pontiac dealership opened in 1948.

In the late 1980’s or 1990 there was a Bassmaster Tournament on Lake Orion. 2010 saw the first annual Dragon Boat Race. It’s rumored that the Purple Gang had a cottage back during their heyday during prohibition.

Thinking about moving to the lake? Or buying a lakefront cottage? Please don’t hesitate to contact me for your lakefront purchase.

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Orion and Oxford Lakefront Homes for Sale

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Buying a Short Sale in Lake Orion Michigan

Buying a Foreclosure in Lake Orion Michigan

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Bald Mountain Recreation Area, Lake Orion Michigan

bald mountain recreation area lake orion michigan trout Bald Mountain Recreation Areais comprised of 4 separate parcels totaling 4637 acres in Orion and Oakland Townships. Click here for map. This unique property is open to the public by permit and consists of 15 miles of biking trails, 7 miles of snowmobile trails, 8 miles of trails groomed for cross country skiing, picnic areas, a shooting/archery range. There’s a sandy beach and swimming on Lower Trout Lake. Inland lakes offer fishing and Trout Creek and Paint Creek are designated trout streams. The park is open to hunting during regular seasons from Sept. 15 until March 31.

Because of the unique positioning of the 4 parcels, you’re just minutes from state land from just about anywhere in Lake Orion. Several subdivisions butt up to Bald Mountain, and even more neighborhoods within walking distance.

Thinking about moving to Lake Orion, Michigan? Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more community information or for help finding that new home.

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